in 2005 i bought a domain, (me-d-em) and ever since i’ve bartered my time as a transmedia digital artist in the social media realm. brand advocate for word of mouth agencies from behind the lens of a mobile phone or camera. my amazing daughter demands that i stay fairly close by, she continues to make the world bearable.

in 2010 assisted a town called ‘phil campbell’ in alabama whilst recovering from depression, in 2011 i sold the domain to evan williams from twitter (they built medium), and these days I’m currently building a laser co-working and co-creation pod at beehive farm called apiary haus and posting video on my youtube presence to bring in the ‘bread and butter as we say in england.

daily blogging has slowed on mutherbored, orrerycast and icanhazvan with on a serious go-slow since leaving the co-working space. tweet at me bro.

what next, try moments 😉