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in 2005 i bought a domain, (me-d-em) and ever since i’ve worked as a trans-media digital artist in the social media realm. i’ve bartered my time as a brand advocate for word of mouth agencies from behind the lens of a mobile phone. love for my daughter made me now stay nearby.

I blog fairly regular over on mutherbored, orrerycast, icanhazvan and – please subscribe to get updates.  you can help and support my creative purposes by checking out some of the wonderful services in the footer of this website.

sold the domain (they built medium) to evan williams from twitter, assisted a town with the same name and these days i work in derby with the intention of making it know as the co-working capital of the uk.

available for work until february 2015

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social media tools, advice and services for derby. per hour pricing available.

coworking capital of the uk

not london prices

we work really hard on providing quality digital creativity intelligence for derby and not at london prices. drop us an email via the button below with your vision and let’s see if we can work together!

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your voice for events

bring an extra layer of digital to your events with a transmedia approach (textual, audio and video) to your existing offering. check out our examples - hire digital advocates today and amplify your events.

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made in derby connect derby

made in derby

situated at the brand new £4.4 million sadler bridge studios we are at the cutting edge of internet connectivity with ultra speed gigabit (1000mb) connectivity. 99% faster than the rest of the uk.

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we love our technology

ever since i curled up the keyboard of my spectrum zx80 with a hot drink i’ve been addicted to technology. i’ve put the hours in, i’m a natural born information gatherer. play with everything new and can decipher it for you.

my world has led me to question the human factor in my usage of technology and driven me towards a more green, sustainable frame of mind including green tech and the nuances of the digital user today.

what kit we love and use!

weekly from sadler bridge studios

as part of our commitment to the #connectderby project we are putting out weekly video content from our dedicated web studio based in room 23 of sadler bridge studios. hire the space - even evenings and weekends if you need. fast turnaround, video assets back with you same day.

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make all of things

i really enjoy making things. digital ideas, things that make things faster. things that remove the stress and frustration. making things that do a function or job easier than before. my problem, i love to make lots of things.

i like to play, playing makes me feel eternally young. i’ve shared my thoughts and ideals with others in the hope they will go into the world that they will go make the things i don’t have time to build!

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i’m blogging over here. ..



i managed to get mutherbored back after a long period of time of losing it. seems nobody really liked the misspelling of it so i could hook it back up again. the site runs on ghost.



orrerycast is a social media aggregator we are building for derby. we are super behind with it and that kinda makes us really sad but then, letting people down always does.



weekends i stay at my caravan with my daughter. the intention was to learn about off grid power and food production. done little of either at the moment. still time.