currently raising funds (donate) to build a laser co-working and co-creation pod at beehive farm called apiary haus.  i’m posting daily vlogs on my youtube channel

later on in 2010 assisted a town called ‘phil campbell’ in alabama (bbc news) which was a life changing event for me. a year later in 2011 i sold the domain name to evan williams from twitter ( they went on to build medium )

during 2008 helped lifecast from sleepydog get into the first apple app store to be part of the first 500 apps ever launched worldwide – proud social media moment.

around 2005 i bought a domain, (me-d-em) and ever since i’ve bartered my time as a transmedia digital artist in the social media realm. brand advocate for word of mouth agencies from behind the lens of a mobile phone or camera.

during regularly drinking sessions at the abbey in burton on trent i ended up on the 1999 team time episode of history hunters which is now unfortunately on youtube.

daily blogging has slowed on mutherbored, orrerycast and icanhazvan with on a serious go-slow since leaving the co-working space.

laser cutting and engraving in the heart of the national forest